Infertility and that room in your house set aside as a nursery for your baby

Feb 09, 2021

Anyone who is trying to conceive or wants to have babies in the future has that room set aside.  You know, the one that accumulates baby things.  Hand-me downs from your sister or token items you purchase for when you’re pregnant.  That cute book you can picture reading them at night, or that cool little outfit with your sports team’s logo.

At first, having that room set aside is exciting.  It’s a blank canvas, open to possibilities.  The beacon of hope and constant source of dreams. If you’re anything like me (a complete planner and perfectionist), you may have already done up a Pinterest board with nursery ideas and colour schemes. You store all your goodies in that room, just waiting for the moment when you can get into full decoration mode and unpack them.

Then as time goes on, it starts to become a bit of a storage room for everything.  And the longer it takes for you to get pregnant, you begin to close the door on that room when you walk past it.  And after it has been over a year, and you’re knee deep in fertility treatments or researching natural remedies to increase your fertility, that room becomes a place you resent.  A source of grief.  And you start to avoid walking past it, because it is a constant reminder of what you don’t have, that you long for so deeply.

Just before my husband and I were married, we purchased and moved into our “family home” with a white picket fence and all.  It had a beautiful big yard for a trampoline and a paddle pool.  And inside, there was a quaint little room off the main bedroom that just screamed Nursery. We were so excited.

After we were married, and officially started trying to get pregnant, we started storing baby trinkets in there.  After a year of trying, it became a junk room.  After 2 years, it became a source of pain.  And over the next 3 years, that room was filled with so much emotions, I resented it.  It wasn’t just a room, it was a black hole of nothingness, where we pushed our feelings down and ignored the elephant in the room (so to speak).

That beautiful room sat there with zero purpose for 5 years.  But it didn’t need to.  We should have used it to its full potential, instead of it being a blockage of bad energy and a waste of space. It would have made the most amazing reading room or meditation room.

If you have that room set aside too, perhaps it’s time to clear out all that bad energy and resentment, and start fresh.

I’m not saying that you give up on your dream for one second, I am merely suggesting you create a space that has beautiful energy for right now.  And when the time comes and your baby is on it’s way, you can convert it into the Nursery then.  But for now, it needs appreciation and warmth.

Here are some tips to create a beautiful space filled with love and purpose.

  1. Clear out the clutter. This is no longer a storage room.  Any baby items, box them up, and put them in the garage or the shed for later.  You don’t have to throw them out, but they aren’t serving you where they are, and the constant reminder isn’t helping either.  Just this simple act will make you feel good instantly.  And it’s ok to cry while you’re boxing them up.  These aren’t just items; they represent your dream.  And remember, we’re just putting it on hold.
  2. Decide what the room’s new purpose is going to be. If you’re not sure what to do with the space, write down a list of all the things you love doing.  Whether it’s reading, writing, painting, drawing, yoga etc. Sit with it for a while, and work out what feels good for you.  Then take action.
  3. If you’re lacking direction and inspiration, you guessed it…..head to Pinterest and create a board that is full of all the things you love. Have some fun with it.
  4. Give the room a fresh coat of paint or add in some rugs and art work. The colour should match the purpose.  If you want to encourage creativity, choose bright colours, or if you’re going for relaxation, try calming colours.
  5. Mirrors are great at creating an area that feels open and that you can breathe in. They’re also good for practicing feng shui and creating good energy.
  6. Use plants and greenery or flowers to brighten the place up and also get closer to natural beauty and nature. It’s also a great source of oxygen of course!
  7. Less is more. Don’t over decorate or create extra clutter that you don’t need.  A few decorative and functional pieces is best.

You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel after you’re finished.  There will no longer be that constant reminder in your house, and the bad emotions will be replaced with positive energy. 

Oh yeah, and you’ll have an extra room in your house to do the things you love.  It’s a win-win situation.

So, get to it and create a beautiful space just for you.

Because you deserve it.


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