Do you need a fertility coach?

Jan 03, 2022

If you play team sports, there’s always a coach, right?  Someone who creates the direction, keeps the players motivated, who develops the plays, and a strategy.  Someone who tells them what to focus on.  Otherwise, they’d all be running around bumping into each other, right?  That coach is usually someone who has played the sport before.  They’re not on the court or the field, so they have a clearer view and are able to help guide and encourage their team to victory.

I think we’ve convinced ourselves that our fertility journey is a solo sport.  However, I’ve come to understand that it’s not.  While it feels isolating and lonely, and we believe that we have to do it all by ourselves, we don’t.  I wish I had known this 10 years ago.  I travelled my fertility journey very much alone.  I had the mentality that I could handle it all by myself.  I was an intelligent, strong and driven woman. But because I was so far into my own game, I didn’t realize I was spinning my wheels.  I was making the same mistakes over and over again.  I was making decisions out of fear. I wasn’t looking after myself and I was running as hard as I could and getting burnt out in the process. 

I needed a coach.  Which has led me to do what I do today.

I became a fertility coach because of my own struggles with infertility. 

I spent 7-years suffering alone – thinking that I was a horrible person because I couldn’t be happy for my family and friends who were having their own babies.

Punishing myself for past choices and constantly questioning WHY this was happening to me.

I was completely exhausted and consumed – it had taken over every aspect of my life – it felt like all my husband and I ever spoke about was fertility treatments, my job was merely a means to pay for our fertility treatments, I couldn’t walk into a shopping mall or watch television without getting triggered by all the pregnant bellies, and I was losing friendships because they couldn’t understand WHY this hurt so much.

I was drowning in ALL the information.  I was working SO hard to have a baby – making sure I was doing all the things I had read that I SHOULD be doing.  I was a smart woman, yet I couldn’t figure this out.

If this feels familiar to you, you’re in the right place.

While you’d never see the LA Lakers or Manchester United play a game without their coach, we think nothing of entering the biggest race (or marathon) of our life alone.  We don’t ask for help beyond our specialists.  We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, yet we don’t spend a cent on looking after our emotional wellbeing.

Did you know that research has shown that mind-body programs can improve your fertility by more than 50%?

Yep!! A study was done to see the impact of a group mind/body intervention on pregnancy rates in IVF patients.  The control group showed a 20% success rate by their second cycle vs the Mind/Body group that showed a 52% success rate.  Domar et al (2011).  The proof is there.

So as a fertility coach, what do I do, and how do I help you?

I help you navigate the enormous emotions and grief that you’re experiencing, and lighten the load you’ve been carrying for so long. 

Because even though you CAN get through this, you don’t have to sacrifice your life, your relationships, and your soul in the process.  Nor do you have to do this alone.  It is ok to rest, and ask for help.

I will stand beside you, hold your hand and help you take a deep breath while you acknowledge how hard this is.  Because I too have been in the trenches, and know what you’re going through.

Imagine what it would feel like to be able to stop struggling and share exactly what you’re going through – in a safe space, without the risk of judgement or anyone minimising how you feel. 

To take action, and finally feel like you’re moving forward instead of being in a constant holding pattern, with everything so uncertain and out of your control. 

I have developed a 5-step program to help you get back on track, gain back a little hope, and start feeling more like YOU again.

You will learn techniques and tools to help you deal with and process the struggles of infertility. So you can feel more empowered and prepared to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

If you’re feeling buried, overwhelmed and exhausted, we develop some healthy habits to help you regain your energy so you can begin to feel a little more in control of your reactions and your emotions.

If you’re feeling consumed and don’t recognize the person you are any more, we walk through some exercises to help you reconnect and take back control of your life.

If you feel anxious and triggered by insensitive comments and pregnancy announcements, we develop some strategies and scripts to help you communicate your needs a little better, to respond in a way that doesn’t betray how you really feel, so you feel a little more prepared and confident walking into social situations and dealing with friends and family.  

If you feel completely misunderstood and alone, I will provide you all the reassurance that your reactions are normal, and also a safe space for you to feel supported and heard – like someone truly understands what it’s like – you will feel relief that you are not alone.

It’s not therapy. I remember speaking to a counsellor on my journey, and while they were very professional, I kept thinking – you have no idea how this feels.  I didn’t connect with them.  And it all felt very clinical.  But as a coach, I provide the empathy, the motivation, the encouragement, and the hope.  We don’t just talk about feelings, we take ACTION.

I don’t tell you to just go and journal – because that feels weird.  I teach you HOW to journal in a way that feels good.

I don’t tell you to just go and meditate – because that’s freaking hard.  I teach you some ways you can introduce meditation in a way that works for you.

I don’t tell you to just relax or go on a holiday.  Because that’s the most annoying thing everyone kept saying to me.  And because it’s not that easy to JUST RELAX.  I teach you how to introduce activities in your life that allow you to slow down, create a little space, and breathe again.

We laugh, we cry, we celebrate…….together.

And while I would never choose my path to parenthood.  I’m glad that something amazing came of it.  Because I am passionate about helping others, who suffer from infertility, just like me.  I believe that everyone deserves to feel held, heard and supported through this potentially soul-destroying journey.

I tell it like it is.  There’s no sugar coating it.  There is zero judgement (because if you’re thinking it – I thought it too!). 

Our 8-week coaching program will take you from being buried under all the guilt, overwhelm and shame… feeling lighter. From thinking that there is something wrong with you….to feeling validated and understood. From feeling alone… feeling completely supported. From feeling out of control….. to being prepared.

We have weekly zoom calls for you to be heard, stay focused, and learn.

You have access to me 24/7 via messaging for those moments when you’re triggered, so you feel completely supported.

Every week you learn a new coping strategy, so you feel empowered and a little more prepared each day.

You have access to an online coaching program with videos and workbooks, so you feel like you’re finally taking action.

But more than anything, coaching helps you lighten the load you’ve been carrying for so long.  Because infertility is tough, and it’s even tougher when you’re trying to do it alone.

If you’d like to take control of your fertility journey and make 2022 a better year than last year, you can. Book your free 30 minute call with me to find out how this will change your life.

Because you deserve to feel more like YOU again.  


p.s. here’s a few things my clients have said about working with me too –

"I hadn't done fertility coaching before, so I wasn’t sure if we would connect enough for me to feel safe opening up. My worries were put to ease after our first call. I loved that it was less about direct infertility ie IVF, cycles, supplements etc and more about ways to cope with infertility. It was exactly what I was lacking. I learned behaviors, techniques and tools to help deal with and process the struggles of infertility. Our conversations helped me switch my perspective from victim to survivor!" ~ Michelle

"I joined Jen's coaching program because I needed support on this journey while I was feeling lost and hopeless. After working together, I feel like myself again. I feel like for the first time in 5 years that I can be hopeful, like I can actually heal some of the deep wounds from this journey. I have new ways of coping and have implemented some healthy self care methods that are working for me. I can’t even scratch the surface of how much this has helped me to move forward with my life." ~ Caroline

"I would definitely recommend this fertility coaching program. It's an amazing feeling to have someone in your corner, and like REALLY in your corner. I liked the ideas for creating healthy habits and the forgiveness for when you fall off the wagon. I always leave our sessions feeling like I am ready to take on the next day/week in a positive way - but not in a cheesy way - more so with kindness and forgiveness (to myself)." ~ Cait

Would you like to know more about how you can work with me, so you can get back control of your life and start moving forward?  My 1:1 coaching program is packed with information, tools and support. Find out how you can get on the wait list now.  

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