Baby on Board stickers – is there a point, or are they just a form of torture?

Apr 17, 2023

I don’t know about you, but one of my (many) pet peeves on my fertility journey (and actually still is to this day) was seeing cars with a “Baby on Board” sticker displayed on their rear window. 

As someone who was suffering from the long-term effects of infertility (for 7 years in fact!), and desperately wanted my own “baby on board”, it was like a punch to the gut.  And there was no escape.  You pull up behind a car displaying it, and you have to sit there.  While waiting for the lights to change, you can feel your tears welling up, as you are reminded (yet again), of what don’t have.  It was basically a mobile pregnancy announcement.  It felt like the person driving in front of me was taunting me with their ability to create a child.  They were saying – ha ha – I can do it, and you can’t! 

I’ll admit this isn’t the most mature attitude, but seriously – what the actual f*ck is the go with Baby on Board stickers?  I always thought it was to warn other drivers to be more careful because there was precious cargo on board.  But between you and I, I always felt like ramming that car in front, just for being so smug about their perfect fertility status.  And really, you should be driving carefully regardless of who is in the car or not. 

But it was once again another sign that I was not as worthy or as valuable as those who were able to have children.

And those stickers are seriously everywhere!! Yesterday when I pulled up at the stop light, I had to roll my eyes at the car in front. You guessed it – a bloody Baby on Board sticker. It drives me crazy even today, despite the fact that I have two of my own babies on board now.  And no, I absolutely do not sport one of these stickers myself. 

I find them insensitive and unnecessary.  But I needed the facts before I tore these stickers to shreds here.  So, I’ve done my research on how they came about, and why they are still in existence.

Apparently, from several searches on google, a man called Michael Lerner, from Massachusetts, USA is to blame for this ridiculous initiative.  He was driving his nephew home one day, and while trying to be extra careful, it highlighted to him the number of people tailgating or cutting him off in traffic.  Concerned for the safety of his nephew, and seeing an opportunity to make some money, he licensed the rights to produce the product and started selling stickers in stores in 1984.  They sold 10,000 signs within the first month, and within 9 months, the company was selling 500,000 signs a month.

So, the original intent was to keep children safe during car trips…….and make money. Great for Michael, but not for those of us who cringe when we see one of those signs today.

There are those who also claim that these stickers are useful in alerting the emergency services that a child may be in the car in the event of a crash. And while that may be a benefit, Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, stated “This help can become a hindrance if drivers display signs when their child isn't in the vehicle.”

Even police have confirmed that these signs are not for the purpose of alerting emergency services.

In fact, baby onboard stickers can actually lead to more accidents than not.  Stickers have been criticized as a distraction, and for obscuring a driver's view through the back windscreen.

So, I think it’s safe to say that Baby on Board sticks are a load of bullsh*t.

I certainly don’t drive any differently depending on who is in the car in front of me.  I try to drive with care regardless.  And so should everyone. 

And there you have it.  The baby on board sticker demystified.  Millions of parents have purchased this sign, and many variations, over the years worldwide.  Some may have purchased it with safety in mind, which is a lovely thought.  But it doesn’t make your baby safer, and in fact, it may actually increase your chances of having an accident.

But what I am certain of, is that for those of us who are experiencing infertility, pregnancy loss, or who are going through IVF, or various shades in between, it is a source of pain.  It’s like a kick in the ovaries.  A reminder of what we don’t have, and what we want most in this world.

So before you run out and get your own Baby on Board sticker, have a long hard think about why you’re purchasing it, and whether it’s truly necessary.  And please give a thought to who may be driving behind you.  Because for a lot of us, it’s a huge source of grief.

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