You know those thoughts you have in your head? 
Where you think you’re losing your mind!

Let me reassure you, you are not.

Take a sneak peak inside The Injustice of Infertility, to gain comfort and proof that you are normal.   

This book dives into the truth.
Of what was going on inside MY head.

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Hi, I'm Jen,

Fertility Coach, Author, and mum of two beautiful babies who were the result of a 7-year battle with infertility (yep - I won!).

As your typical Type A, get-shit-done personality, I discovered that my old ways of pushing and working hard weren’t serving me, nor were they getting me any closer to motherhood.

So I took the lessons I learned and have created a simple approach to get you closer to your baby. 

I provide practical, no-nonsense techniques that will allow you to handle the bumps in the road without spiralling out of control.

I won’t tell you to try to be positive, or relax, because I know that’s only going to piss you off.

Nor will I tell you that you have to change everything about yourself and your personality in order to have a baby.

What I WILL do is help you transform your mindset and take back control of your life in the midst of infertility.

Oh yeah, and I might swear a little too because, well, this is infertility we’re talking about - so if you’re easily offended, this is a disclaimer.

Some much loved quotes inside...


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