Are you ready to find peace on your fertility journey?

You don't have to sacrifice your soul to have a baby.  

If you're feeling exhausted and don't know if you can keep doing this anymore.

If you feel all alone and are sick of trying to explain to people why going on a holiday is NOT the solution to your fertility problems.

If you can't think of anything else or remember the last time you laughed (and meant it).  



In this video I share the 3 biggest lessons I learned on my 7-year fertility journey, and 5 simple things you can do for free to find PEACE on yours. 

You will learn....

How to gain back a little piece of yourself and the life that infertility has stolen. 
And finally get the support you deserve by learning how to ask for what you need.  

Remember that strong, confident woman who used to be able to make decisions with ease?  We'll be getting re-acquainted with her.  Pretty soon you'll be able to start making decisions instead of doubting yourself.

How to finally release the emotions you've been storing. The resentment, the anger, the grief.  I will teach you HOW you can let go so you feel lighter, no longer buried.  And finally able to breathe again. 

How to prepare for the insensitive comments (because there will always be one person in every crowd who pushes you to the edge). You'll be able to attend that wedding, work function or family event without hiding in the corner.

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Hi, I'm Jen,

Fertility Coach, Author, and mum of two beautiful babies who were the result of a 7-year battle with infertility (yep - I won!).

As your typical Type A, get-shit-done personality, I discovered that my old ways of pushing and working hard weren’t serving me, nor were they getting me any closer to motherhood.

So I took the lessons I learned and have created a simple approach to get you closer to your baby. 

I provide practical, no-nonsense techniques that will allow you to handle the bumps in the road without spiralling out of control.

I won’t tell you to try to be positive, or relax, because I know that’s only going to piss you off.

Nor will I tell you that you have to change everything about yourself and your personality in order to have a baby.

What I WILL do is help you transform your mindset and take back control of your life in the midst of infertility.

Oh yeah, and I might swear a little too because, well, this is infertility we’re talking about - so if you’re easily offended, this is a disclaimer.


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