What do you need to hear right now?

Are you craving some peace from the self doubt, and guilt?

Do you need to feel hopeful and positive that you CAN get through this and hold your baby in your arms.

Or relief, knowing that what you are feeling is normal and you are NOT a horrible person or alone?

What about some motivation and encouragement to keep showing up and putting one foot in front of the other?



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This is for you if....

You feel like you're failing at this, like you're losing control and you don't recognise who you are anymore. You're worried that you're a bad person and feel guilty because you can't be happy when others get pregnant.

You feel like you're about to explode. You're a simmering pot just waiting to boil over. There is a deep rage burning in your belly, and you're scared it will come to the surface when you least expect it.

You're scared. To make a decision in case it's the wrong one. To dream and hope for a happy ending in case it doesn't happen. You're terrified that you won't have the strength to see this through, and that it could all be for nothing.

There is a constant struggle inside your mind. You're trying to be positive and hopeful. You're trying to be calm and stress less. But the more you try to feel those things, the further away they get. Instead you feel empty.

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Hi, I'm Jen,

Fertility Coach, Author, and mum of two beautiful babies who were the result of a 7-year battle with infertility (yep - I won!).

As your typical Type A, get-shit-done personality, I discovered that my old ways of pushing and working hard weren’t serving me, nor were they getting me any closer to motherhood.

So I took the lessons I learned and have created a simple approach to get you closer to your baby. 

I provide practical, no-nonsense techniques that will allow you to handle the bumps in the road without spiralling out of control.

I won’t tell you to try to be positive, or relax, because I know that’s only going to piss you off.

Nor will I tell you that you have to change everything about yourself and your personality in order to have a baby.

Through my coaching programs, women have been supported, fallen pregnant, and are now raising their children.  

I have helped women all over the world transform their mindset and take back control of their life in the midst of infertility.  I can help you too.


"I could listen to your words of wisdom all day.

Thank you!"


"Finding you has been like finding an angel during the darkest time of my life......It's like the entire time I felt painfully alone but here you are reminding me these feelings are normal."


"This was amazing!!! Your voice is so calming and warm. It's a great piece for when you are feeling alone and down"


"Brilliant, just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for your honesty and directness."


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