"Through her gentle and practical coaching, Jen helped me change my mindset, lifted the clouds, and brought me my rainbow."

I've got your back, so take a deep breath and hand that baggage you've been carrying over to me.


You're not alone now......

In order to know infertility, you must live infertility…

It’s hard to explain.

You spend so much time and energy trying to justify WHY you can’t go to the baby shower, WHY pregnancy announcements trigger you, and WHY you can’t just adopt.

You don’t feel like you fit in with your friends and family anymore.

You’re sick of being asked WHY you don’t have children, so you shut yourself off.

To yourself and the world around you.

And even though you may not be alone...


This is how it felt for me....

"You have finally been let into a restaurant you've wanted to go to your entire life, while being told it's very exclusive. ⁠⁠You are excited to sit down at the table, by now you're hungry. Starving. As if you haven't eaten in days. ⁠⁠You ordered some food and it comes out. ⁠⁠You were salivating at the sight of it - then the plate fell on it's way to you and your food was all over the ground. ⁠⁠You have to wait for another meal to be made. ⁠⁠While you are waiting, everyone else at your table is served their food. ⁠⁠Then the people who came in after you. ⁠⁠Hang on...did that person even order!? ⁠⁠They now have a plate in front of them and you still have nothing to eat. The waiter keeps bringing everyone else their food and they not only start eating it in front of you, but they are talking to each other about how good it is - in hushed tones though. ⁠⁠They don't want to offend you, knowing that you watched your food get splattered across the floor.⁠⁠ Every now and then one of them thinks to say "don't worry, your food is coming" while they chew.⁠⁠

Would you be ok with people telling you to "let it go" and be happy for those who have already had breakfast and lunch and now devour their dinner while you wait patiently for your very first meal? ⁠⁠Or would you start to resent the restaurant itself? ⁠⁠The waiter? ⁠⁠And even the friends?"⁠⁠

When I was on my fertility journey, I needed someone to talk to who knew EXACTLY what I was going through.


Someone who could help me sort through the rollercoaster of emotions, and unpack them, because I was too scared that if I started crying, I'd never stop.

I needed to find some direction and purpose back in my life, because I was sick of feeling numb and that life had no meaning beyond my fertility journey.

I was sick of feeling bitter and negative all the time, and needed help to feel like the old ME again. 

And more than anything I needed to find some peace from the guilt of not being able to give my partner a child, or my existing child a sibling.......because I was at breaking point. 


What if you didn't have to do this alone? 

Imagine what it would feel like to hand some of that burden you've been carrying over to me, and lighten the load.

To have a plan in place, with direction and clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.

What if you could let go of the guilt that you're not doing enough, and find some balance in your life. 

And start LIVING, instead of WAITING.......

Introducing my signature 1:1 Coaching Package

This 8-week program has EVERYTHING you need to gain back the control that infertility has stripped from you.


  • A completely personalized approach - don't waste time learning about things you already know, or sifting through loads of information looking for the answer - you'll get better results, in a shorter timeframe
  • Weekly video calls via zoom, to connect and put practical plans in place for where you are on your journey. 
  • Unlimited laser coaching and messenger access via Telegram, so you have support at your fingertips, while you're on the run.  
  • Weekly pep talks and challenges to keep you on-track, motivated and accountable
  • An online program, in connection with our private calls, so you can learn in a way that suits you best. 
  • Access to 4 x pre-recorded fertility pep-talks you can download and listen to any time. 
  • Workbooks, videos and cheat sheets to help you navigate your way.
  • Personal support, provided in the comfort of your own home.
  • THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU - no group programs where you have to worry about being triggered by someone else getting pregnant or comparing your journey (and the result of your latest IVF round) to others.
  • 8-week program so you're not overloaded with a crap load of information up front, and you can put the techniques you learn into practice without feeling rushed.
  • Delegate and release this part of your fertility journey over to someone who knows what they're doing, and be taken care of for once. 
  • Practical, no-nonsense advice. 



Let's jump on a free 30 minute call to see if we're a good fit.


What my clients are saying.....

"I hadn't done fertility coaching before, so I wasn’t sure if we would connect enough for me to feel safe opening up. My worries were put to ease after our first call. I loved that it was less about direct infertility ie IVF, cycles, supplements etc and more about ways to cope with infertility. It was exactly what I was lacking. I learned behaviors, techniques and tools to help deal with and process the struggles of infertility. Our conversations helped me switch my perspective from victim to survivor!"

~ Michelle

"I joined Jen's coaching program because I needed support on this journey while I was feeling lost and hopeless. After working together, I feel like myself again. I feel like for the first time in 5 years that I can be hopeful, like I can actually heal some of the deep wounds from this journey. I have new ways of coping and have implemented some healthy self care methods that are working for me. I can’t even scratch the surface of how much this has helped me to move forward with my life."

~ Caroline

"I would definitely recommend this fertility coaching program. It's an amazing feeling to have someone in your corner, and like REALLY in your corner. I liked the ideas for creating healthy habits and the forgiveness for when you fall off the wagon. I always leave our sessions feeling like I am ready to take on the next day/week in a positive way - but not in a cheesy way - more so with kindness and forgiveness (to myself)."

~ Cait

What actually IS fertility coaching?

If you're not sure what a fertility coach is, what fertility coaching involves, and whether you need it or not, check out this short video. 

You can also book a free 30 minute call with me to ask all your questions..... 

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Over 8-weeks 
you will feel....

"In working with Jen I was searching for a little peace back in my life; I seemed to be followed by storm clouds. What it gave was unexpected peace for my husband, family and friends as well. I knew it would be a long road, but the results were seen and felt within the first week. Through her gentle and practical coaching, Jen helped me change my mindset, lifted the clouds, and brought me my rainbow." - Amy

Private coaching is for you if.....

  • You don't have time to waste.  If you're sick of googling, and sifting through mountains of online videos and programs searching for a way to feel better. 

  • You're sick and tired of controlling everything, and you don't have the time, energy or patience to add yet another thing onto your to-do list.  You're ready to delegate and release this part of your fertility journey over to someone who knows what they're doing, and be taken care of for once. 

  • You know what you need to be doing, but you don't have the motivation or the energy to do it.  You need a little accountability and that extra push to actually do the thing you know you should be doing. 

  • You feel raw and lonely, and crave a safe space where you can let your hair down, and share what you're going through, without fear of being judged or treated like there's something wrong with you. Where you feel supported, no matter what. 

  • You want THE BEST results, in the most efficient way possible. It's hard to get to the solution when you're sitting inside the problem.  A coach will be able to see your blind spots and get you where you want to go much quicker and with a greater impact. 
Let's chat!

Weekly Strategy Calls

Here is where we connect face to face each week and put practical plans in place, depending on where you're at on your journey.  You will learn coping strategies, ways to reframe your thinking, prepare for whatever triggers may be coming up for you, and a whole lot more!

(valued at $1,600)

Unlimited Laser Coaching

We all know that life happens between appointments - and so does bad news, wobbles and hard days - you've got me in your pocket 24/7, via a messenger App, not just for our coaching calls, but to help you celebrate those wins, and get through the hard times in between. 

(valued at $1,000)

Weekly motivation and challenges

Each week I'll teach you a new technique to add to your toolkit of coping strategies, and leave you a motivational message to keep you on-track, motivated and accountable. 

(valued at $400)

Online program

Let's face it - we all learn differently, so in connection with our private calls, you'll also have access to my 5-step online program, so you can absorb all the lessons and strategies in a way that suits you best. 

(valued at $1,000)

Need a pep-talk?

We all need a pick-me-up on this journey because it can be BRUTAL!!  Want to feel hope, encouragement, peace, or reassurance? You'll get access to 4 x pre-recorded fertility pep-talks you can download and listen to any time. 

(valued at $80)

Total value of the program is $4,000+
But you can access this for 2 x payments of US$697



Let's jump on a free 30 minute call to see if we're a good fit.


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Hi, I'm Jen,

Fertility Coach, Certified Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner, Author, and mum of two beautiful babies who were the result of a 7-year battle with infertility (yep - I won!).

As your typical Type A, get-shit-done personality, I discovered that my old ways of pushing and working hard weren’t serving me, nor were they getting me any closer to motherhood.

So I took the lessons I learned and have created a simple approach to get you closer to your baby. 

I provide practical, no-nonsense techniques that will allow you to handle the bumps in the road without spiralling out of control.

I won’t tell you to try to be positive, or relax, because I know that’s only going to piss you off.

Nor will I tell you that you have to change everything about yourself and your personality in order to have a baby.

What I WILL do is help you transform your mindset and take back control of your life in the midst of infertility.

Oh yeah, and I might swear a little too because, well, this is infertility we’re talking about - so if you’re easily offended, this is a disclaimer.

Jen xx

Infertility can be so heavy. But you CAN feel lighter. This is how my clients feel after our calls. 


"Thank you so much for our call yesterday. I want you to know that not only do I appreciate and am benefitting from your support and guidance, but I also really appreciate you sharing part of your journey. It's so very helpful. To be able to talk to you and say literally everything - all my fears and concerns, really does feel like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders. Thank you."


"After our call last night I felt a thousand times lighter and felt like I could finally put my feet back on the ground. I'm so grateful for your help and for helping me navigate such difficult and complicated emotions. I'm eternally grateful. I was able to fall asleep last night and woke up today with a clearer head. Again, thank you."


"Jen, thank you so much for that call. That was EXACTLY what I needed and I feel 10,000 pounds lighter. Didn't realize how badly I needed to set some things straight and I feel so much lighter and ready to tackle the weeks ahead. Thank you for what you do - I'm truly forever grateful."

Together, we will walk through my signature five step RELEASE framework.

Feel empowered, fully supported and move forward with the clarity and confidence to not only get you through this journey, but come out the end stronger and with the knowledge that

step 1: reconnect & reset

In order to get out from under infertility and claim back our life, we need to hit the reset button.
Get back in touch with who you are, what you love, and implement some healthy habits.
At the end of this step you will feel rested + energized + fully supported.
You will be empowered, in control, optimistic and feel confident for the road ahead.


step 2: mindset & awareness

The next step to releasing the anger and rediscovering ourselves on our fertility journey, is becoming aware of our thoughts, understanding why we have them, and learning how to change them in an authentic way.
It is a truly enlightening experience to understand the power of our thoughts and realize we can choose them.
At the end of this step, you will feel strong and powerful.
And you will be asking, not why me? but what now?!


step 3: preparation

A plan provides comfort and relief.
This step will equip you with everything you need to get through the ups and downs.
You will learn techniques that you can use at each stage of your fertility journey and beyond.
You will feel prepared and confident walking into social situations, handling pregnancy announcements and navigating those insensitive comments.
You will realize that you can handle anything that comes your way.


step 4: detox & support

You will finally receive the support you need by creating a circle around you who makes you feel safe.  
You will establish boundaries, learn to ask for what you need and create an environment free from clutter and toxic energy and people.
You will feel lighter, healthier, calm and free. 


step 5: release

It's time to let go of the hurtful thoughts and forgive yourself and those around you.
To remove that story you've been telling yourself, that picture you had in your head and the fear.
Accepting that this is our path and doing it anyway. 
Trusting that this will happen when it is supposed to.
Focusing on the things we can control, and releasing control of the outcome.
This is the final step to being free from your fertility journey.

"I am beyond grateful for you and this program for bringing ME back and giving me the tools I need to step into another cycle with a new sense of strength and hope. If you are wondering whether this is for you, RUN, do not walk and get started today!!!!" - Libby


  • 8-weeks of full support
  • 8 x one hour coaching sessions, valued at $1,600
  • Unlimited laser coaching via Telegram messaging, valued at $1,000
  • Weekly motivation and challenges to keep you on-track, valued at $400
  • Online course including a 5 step program, valued at $1,000
  • Access to 4 x pre-recorded fertility pep-talks you can download and listen to any time, valued at $80.
  • Workbooks, videos and cheat sheets to help you navigate your way

Total value of $4,000+

$697/month (USD)
x 2 months

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3 months of full support

6 x one hour coaching sessions

24/7 access to personal support via Telegram messaging

Online 5 step program, including videos and workbooks

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You're overwhelmed by EVERYTHING.  The appointments, the mixed messages on google, the constant negative thoughts. 
You know you've taken on too much, you're buried, and you want help sorting through it.

You need to talk to someone who understands.  Who won't try to fix you, or tell you what you should be feeling.

You're craving connection.  Just to know that you're not alone, and that you don't have to travel this path by yourself any longer.

You're lost.  You used to be confident and capable of making decisions, and now just choosing what to have for dinner is overwhelming.

You want to take back control of your life, but you're not quite sure where to start.

You know exactly what you need to be doing, but don't have the energy or the motivation to actually do it. 

You want some clarity and direction on what to do next.


If you said YES to any of these, let's chat.



p.s. I know this is big and heavy, and it might be hard to admit that you need some help with the emotional toll this is taking on you. But the truth is that it's harder to sit where you are, watching life pass you by, and dying a little more each day - believe me, I've been there! So if you're curious, but a little scared to hit that call button, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Frequently asked questions

I take on a limited number of personal coaching clients. 


If you're ready to turn things around and take back control of your life, take action now!

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