Welcome home to

The Lighthouse Project


Where every step brings you closer to you and your baby.

Welcome home weary one, set your bags down, let us brew tea.

You are in the right place, that is what lighthouses do.
They bring you safely home to yourself.

It’s been exhausting, fighting that raging sea of emotion.
There are calmer waters ahead. 

The Lighthouse Project is here for you, so you can learn to navigate to calmer seas.

The light has bought you home, so you can sail again.

The next time with more direction, more understanding, and more confidence that you are back in control of your voyage.

"The Lighthouse project really helped me at a time when I was feeling totally lost and consumed by the TTC journey. I was miserable and I couldn’t think of anything else. It all felt so unfair. After working through The Lighthouse Project and talking with Jennifer, I felt instantly better about myself. I wasn’t alone and now I had someone in my corner caring about my well-being on this journey. I am currently pregnant and I’m beyond grateful to Jennifer and this course for lifting me up and showing me I would get there." 
- Sarah

Imagine what it would be like to laugh again and really mean it.

Over four weeks
you will feel....

The Lighthouse Project
is EXACTLY what I needed when I was on my fertility journey.


An online program that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

Self paced, without the added pressure of "falling behind" - because we already feel like everyone is overtaking us!

Every week, a new piece of the puzzle is unlocked, so you can take it one day at a time.

This isn't one of those INTENSIVE courses, because you’re already buried and overwhelmed, and you don’t need a million other things added onto your to-do list.

IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE - you've already spent enough money on fertility treatments, and I know you don't need the extra pressure or guilt!!


"How do I feel after completing The Lighthouse Project? Wonderful!
I am so consciously aware of my thoughts and routines and how they impact on my mindset. I’ve developed some new strategies so that when I find myself in a tricky situation, triggering conversation or having a bad day, I have some tools to keep moving forward."


What's included inside The Lighthouse Project?

Video's & workbooks

Learn, feel empowered, and completely validated in your feelings.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up, and work through them at your own pace.

(value $400)

Weekly emails

If you find it hard to keep motivated and on-track, that's ok. You'll feel completely supported and guided throughout this 4 week course. Plus you can message me at any time. 

(value $200)

Pregnancy announcement survival guide

Everything you need to know to be able to face a pregnancy announcement. Imagine opening your social media feed without the fear of seeing yet ANOTHER friend pregnant.

(value $50)

Bonus Guided meditation

The perfect solution for someone who struggles to meditate.  You will feel safe, calm and at peace by the end.

(value $50)

Plus you'll receive lifetime access to ALL of this.....so come back as often as you need.

Valued at $700, you'll receive all of this for just US$197
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There is no need for you to spend another minute feeling
lost, buried, and out of control.......

week one: win your day

We need to fill our own cup up, before we can pour into others.
A morning routine, in whatever form, sets the tone for the rest of our day.
When we start our day in control, we feel calmer and are less triggered by insensitive comments and stresses throughout the day. 
At the end of this week you will have a regular morning routine that you LOVE.
You will feel in CONTROL + PREPARED for the day ahead + HEALTHY both physically and mentally.


week two: reconnecting with you

In order to rediscover that person we once were we need to remember what we loved doing and plan our life accordingly.
To move forward with purpose and create a life we love NOW, we must learn how to say no and set some healthy boundaries.
This process is EMPOWERING and provides CLARITY and COMFORT. 
You will feel STRONG and CONFIDENT, knowing that you are still YOU and that you can be on this journey without it consuming your life. You will finally have the DIRECTION you've been craving for so long.


week three: declutter and detox

Are you holding onto people, ideas, things and thoughts that are no longer serving you?
You become what you focus on and who you hang around.
What are you consuming?
It's time to DECLUTTER and DETOX.
You will feel LIGHTER and REFRESHED.
You'll be INSPIRED and feel SUPPORTED on your journey.


week four: soul food

Learn techniques to help you feed your mind and soul from the inside out.
Journalling, Gratitude, Affirmations and Self care.
All the essentials to help you feel POSITIVE and OPTIMISTIC.
Insensitive comments will no longer hold the power they do now.
You will learn how to focus on what you DO have, instead of what you DON'T.
You will feel LOVE instead of hate.  Be CALM instead of angry.
But most of all, you will feel PREPARED for the season ahead.

Bonus guided meditation included

Do you struggle meditating?

As your typical type A personality, driven, perfectionist, control-freak and serial overthinker.......I do too!!!

THAT is why I have created a special gift for you. 

A beautiful guided meditation to help navigate you home, to calmer waters.

This is what people are saying........

"Jennifer’s meditation is a gem. It combines soothing words and music with a relaxing visualisation." - Claire

"I don’t usually like meditation but yours was fucking awesome!" - Michelle

"This was amazing!! Thank you" - Rosa

Take the sting out of Pregnancy Announcements with our bonus......

Pregnancy Announcement Survival Guide. 

Packed full of information, techniques and strategies to help you handle pregnancy announcements without falling into a downward spiral of fury and self loathing.

Here's what Gemma had to say -

"I saw a pregnancy announcement earlier.....I was genuinely happy for her, no jealousy, no tears, no anger and that's thanks to you and The Lighthouse Project. I'm not saying I won't be back to that when the next 23 year old from the office is pregnant, but today I'm at peace, so I really wanted to let you know that you have made a difference."

You can get back on track.

There IS a better way of doing things that doesn't include punishing your mind and your body.

Gift yourself the opportunity to do this better.

Because you deserve it!

 plus it's only US$197




You are inside the fertility vortex and aren't sure how to get out of it, or can’t find the strength to get out of it by yourself.

You feel like you've tried everything and NOTHING is working.

You're tired and you are craving a breather from the frenzy of fertility treatments and cycles month after month.

It's not pleasant being inside your head anymore, you think you're going crazy, and the negative thoughts are getting louder and louder.

You want to take back control of your life, but you're not quite sure where to start.

You want some clarity and direction on what to do next.

"The connection I have with Jennifer is amazing, she can understand me and who I am. The small steps we took during this program helped me deal with my past and helped me become a better version of myself."

- Rebekah

Hi, I'm Jen,

After spending 7-years on the fertility rollercoaster, I learned a thing or two on how to survive infertility.

Much to my frustration, my biggest realisation was that pushing and "working hard" to have a baby, didn't work.

I am now a Fertility Coach, Certified Holistic Coach & Mind Body Practitioner, and have helped women all over the world transform their mindset and take back control of their life in the midst of infertility.

I'm also author of The Injustice of Infertility, a true account of my own seven-year fertility journey.

The Lighthouse Project was developed because I know what it's like to be consumed by infertility and confused as to what to do next.  I have taken the lessons I learned along the way to design a simple and effective way to take back control of your life.  It's EXACTLY what I needed on my journey!

Because there IS a better way to do this.....

4 weeks.

An online program you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Self paced - zero pressure.

Lifetime access - so you can keep coming back to it.


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